Up a Creek Without a Paddle

Indonesian teenager Aldi Adilang knows what hopelessness feels like. While aboard his floating fish trap this summer, strong winds snapped his anchor lines and he drifted out to sea without so much as a paddle.

In the days ahead, Adilang watched helplessly as more than 10 ships passed in the distance. Tragically, none of them stopped to help. As days turned into weeks, he survived by filtering saltwater through his clothing and catching fish.

After 49 days adrift, Adilang was rescued by a passing ship some 80 miles offshore. When he was later asked about the experience, he admitted that he was scared and cried often while at sea. At one point, he even considered jumping into the ocean and ending his own life. But instead, Adilang opened the Bible he had on board and found comfort in its pages.

In October, I had the privilege of sharing Aldi Adilang’s story at a Dallas-area homeless shelter. Below is a recording of the sermon. I hope you’ll be encouraged as we consider together just how much we’re all like Aldi Adilang up a creek without a paddle.

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