Introducing SwordGrip

“And take…the sword of the Spirit,
which is the word of God.”

(Ephesians 6:17)

My wife and I are strong believers in memorizing Scripture. We encourage others to memorize, not because we think it automatically makes you more spiritual, but because it has made a profound and very positive difference in our lives. Because of that, Laura began working on a project more than a year ago designed to help believers of all ages study and memorize key portions of the New Testament. In time, this program came to be known as SwordGrip.

After working on SwordGrip for several months in her spare time, Laura prayerfully decided to transfer the project to Scripture Memory Fellowship — a ministry where we are both employed full-time. As a nonprofit dedicated to helping people memorizing Scripture, SMF considered SwordGrip a natural fit with its ministry.

Now, after many months and countless hours of work by all of us at SMF, I’m thrilled to say that SwordGrip is here!

The Flipbook

The SwordGrip flipbook includes your verses, a memory image for each passage, book message statements, Grip-It-Tighter questions, and lots of other helpful resources. It’s available in three translations: KJV, NKJV, and ESV.



Verse Cards

Each flipbook includes detachable verse cards and a metal ring to keep them organized. The first letter of each word in the verse is printed on the back of each card. So if you’re memorizing, “For God so loved the world,” the back of the card would read, “F G s l t w.” This is especially helpful when you’re practicing a newly-memorized verse.


Each week, you recite your new verses and earn a bronze, silver, or gold rating. Bronze = 2 mistakes, silver = 1 mistake, gold = 0 mistakes. Stickers are included in the flipbook to record each week’s recitation quality.


Alexa Skill

If you have an Amazon Echo device, Alexa can help you learn your verses! Just enable the SwordGrip skill and try saying, “Alexa, launch SwordGrip.”

Grip-it-Tighter Questions

The point of memorizing isn’t to become a Bible trivia expert; it’s to learn and apply the truth of Scripture. That’s why each flipbook includes Grip-It-Tighter questions designed to help you live out the verses. We’ve also included one-line message statements that summarize each New Testament book.


Teacher’s Guide

SwordGrip works for any age. But if you’re doing it with a group of children, the Teacher’s Guide contains practical help to get you started. Game ideas, memorization techniques, and a suggested weekly meeting format are just a few of the resources packed into this booklet.


COMING SOON: Scripture Songs

We’re producing professional-quality Scripture songs to help you memorize each verse. Stay tuned!



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